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What is Russian Volume?

Russian volume is a technique of carefully hand crafting two or more super fine lashes to your natural lashes, adding more length, volume & also changing the appearance of the eye shape / enhancing.

How long does each treatment take ?

Classic lashes take 1 hour, Russian lashes take 1-2 hours

What is an infill ?

An infill is when you have 50%or more lashes left on from your last lash appointment, your lashes are cleaned and groomed and any old or outgrown lashes are removed. We then apply new ones where there has been loss, making them look fresh and full again.

Where are you based ?

We are based in Loughton in Essex very close to London and the surrounding areas

How much are your lash trays ?

Our lash trays are £19.99 per tray, which usually gives enough product for between 6-12 clients depending on technique and preference. We post out by courier and also offer next day delivery.

Can you wear mascara with false lashes ?

No! Is the answer, there are water based mascaras that will not effect your lashes but we do not recommend any type of mascara at LBL nor do we think you will need to wear it once you are fully lashed.

Can I get my eyes wet ?

You cannot get your eyes wet for the first 24 hours after the initial treatment, when bathing or showering try to avoid excess steam by leaving the door or window open an not having the temperature too hot.

How long do my lashes last ?

Russian volume lashes & Classic lashes last between 2-4 weeks depending on your lifestyle and how well you look after them. For better long lasting results please follow our aftercare and use our LBL eyelash extension cleanser to clean and get rid of any bacteria or oils.

How shall I look after my new lashes ?

Please see our aftercare section for more information on keeping your lashes lush

How long does LVL last ?

Anywhere between 6-8 weeks depending on the client and aftercare

Crate 15 Oakwood Hill industrial Estate
Loughton IG10 3TZ